Registration of Collective Management Agency of Copyright and Related Rights

Service Overview

Scope of Service

Copyright exists in fixed and expressed media of original work. Various literary (including computer software), musical, dramatic, artistic works and scientific works of creative activity are protected by the Copyright Code. Related right of copyright is a kind of right similar to copyright, owned by the performers, producers of phonograms and videograms, broadcasting organizations and impresarios, for their performances, phonograms and broadcasting television programs conducted after obtaining the copyright legitimately.

Collective management agency of copyright and related right is a non-governmental organization for protecting copyright and related rights, and responsible for accepting the authorizations of copyright and related rights holders, inspecting and examining the situation of the use of works, representing these rights holders to negotiate with the users of the pieces and issue licenses, collecting royalties, and distributing the collected royalties to each relevant rights holder reasonably.

Service Target and Eligibility

Any legal person with headquarter in Macao SAR whose principal objective is to engage in activities involving collective management of copyright and related rights.

Service Results 

For application fulfilling the legal requirements, the Collective Management Agency of Copyright and Related Rights will be registered.


Executive Department and Unit: Economic and Technological Development Bureau – Patent and Copyright Division

Address: Rua Dr. Pedro José Lobo, 1-3, 8/F, Macao

Reception Center -(853) 8597 2220 / (853)8597 2266

Enquiries on Application -(853)8597 2229

Fax no:(853)2871 5291