Focus of Development:

To establish itself as a railway hub in the western Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and a highway hub connecting the surrounding regions, so as to facilitate the flow of resources from the core area of Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong and Macao to western Guangdong and even the Greater Southwest.



Jiangmen is one of the core cities of the western Pearl River Delta region. Overseas Chinese originating from Jiangmen are dispersed in over a hundred countries and territories around the world, and the number of overseas Chinese citizens, overseas ethnic Chinese and residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who are of Jiangmen origin totals approximately 4 million. Thus Jiangmen is dubbed as “China’s No. 1 Hometown of Overseas Chinese”.

Hong Kong and Macao have long been the major sources of external investment, important trade partners and major re-export markets for Jiangmen. As regards the service sector, Jiangmen is actively fostering health and wellness services, including the introduction of health industry resources from Hong Kong, Macao and overseas, and the development of high-end elderly care services. An emphasis is put on the development of new e-commerce services related to manufacturing, agricultural and tourism sectors. Meanwhile, the development of logistics industry will be promoted with the plan of establishing the city as a logistics hub or transit point covering western Guangdong, as well as advancing the development of the portside logistics zone of the Greater Guanghai Bay Economic Zone and of the Heshan Logistics Hub Centre.

Secondary sector is the biggest economic contributor to Jiangmen, as it is the city’s focus of development. Jiangmen is Guangdong’s major manufacturing base, in which a number of industries are found. The core industries are electricals and mechanicals, textile and clothing, food, papermaking and paper products, electronic information and construction materials. Apart from traditional manufacturing, chemicals, shipbuilding, rail transportation, as well as automobile and motorcycle manufacturing also constitute the major force of Jiangmen’s equipment manufacturing sector. The city also proposes to upgrade traditional manufacturing industries towards smart and precision manufacturing, so as to nurture new driving forces of development.


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