SME Aid Scheme

Small and medium sized enterprises (hereinafter called SMEs) are in an important role of the economy of Macao, as they contribute much to the economic development and employment. Supporting the development of SMEs is always a long-term policy of the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region (hereinafter called Macao SAR). In May 2003, Macao SAR introduced SME Aid Scheme in response to the economic situation of the society at that moment. This scheme provides interest-free financial assistance to ease the difficulties of the SMEs affected by SARS, as well as to support SMEs to improve condition and enhance capability of their operation.

In order to continue to effectively and appropriately support SMEs development to cope with the rapid economic development in Macao, Macao SAR revised the legal regime of SME Aid Scheme in 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2017 respectively. In this way as the economy of Macao rapidly develops, SMEs are also provided with considerable support and opportunities to develop.

Through the revised legal regime, the fund appropriated for “SME Aid Scheme” can be used to finance: purchase of equipment (includes machinery for production, investment items such as computer or automation hardware and software that enhance productivity and production capacity) needed for operation; renovation, decoration and expansion projects; the capital for signing commercial concession contract or franchising contract; acquisition of exclusive right for use of technology and intellectual property; advertising and promotional activities; enhancement of capability for operation and competitiveness; the working capital; or for SMEs directly affected by extraordinary, unpredictable matters or matters which are beyond human control, especially natural disasters or epidemic diseases, or dramatic changes in the business environment that rise the operating expenses or affecting the operating conditions of an enterprise. The maximum amount of aid per enterprise is MOP 600,000. The maximum period for repayment of the loan is 8 years. For those who have fully repaid the loan, Macao SAR provides second chance for application of the Scheme.