Quinquilharia Kuok Kuong
G/F, Edifício Lei Pou, 51B Rua das Estalagens
+853 28920940
Services/Products Provided:
Retailer – Uniforms, fashion, bedding
Main Features:
Established in 1901, Quinquilharia Kuok Kuong has a long history in Macao. Seeing the enthusiasm for Chinese products driven by patriotism, it offered numerous quality products from the Mainland of China. In the 60s and 70s, it specialized in the sale of fashion, school uniforms, suits, bedding, etc. Accommodating to the development and needs of Macao, it has been mainly engaged in hotel uniforms, suit uniforms, restaurant uniforms, group uniforms, bedding and clothing accessories, etc. in recent years. Also, according to the different needs of enterprises, it makes high-quality uniforms with elaborate style, design, fabric and colour matching, cutting and production.
As shopping in Macao is more cost-saving than shopping online thanks to the tax system, a lot of tourists would visit this shop to buy fine-quality 4-in-1 bedding sets, pajamas, pillows, quilts and other products.
Food/Drink Recommendations:
Hotel, restaurant, school, teacher and group uniforms; bedding; clothing accessories…