Estabelecimento de Comidas Chion Chau
G/F, 55A Rua de Cinco de Outubro
+853 28923210
Services/Products Provided:
Restaurant/Eatery – “Cha chaan teng” café
Main Features:
Ever tasted a 243-layered egg tart?
Being one of the earliest traditional bing sutts (cold drinks shops) in Macao, Chion Chau has been insisting on hand-making to provide customers with food that carries a sense of human touch. Chion Chau has been taken over by its current owner Mr. Leong for over 50 years since the 1970s. Its 243-layerd egg tarts, which have puffy yet thin crust filled with creamy and rich custard, together with a cup of pu’er tea, which relieves greasiness, make a top tea-time choice for many long-time Macao residents.
Bread, egg tarts, Chinese walnut cookies and sweetheart pastries are fresh out of the oven on time every afternoon. They are totally handmade and in limited supply while stock lasts.
Food/Drink Recommendations:
Coffee, milk tea, egg tart, coconut tart, pineapple bun with butter, snake bread, century egg pastry, sweetheart pastry, seafood pie…