Estabelecimento de Comidas Yawarat Nina
G/F, Edf. I On, 13-A Rua dos Cules, Macao
2882 0820
Services/Products Provided:
Chinatown-style Thai cuisine
Main Features:
This eatery, which is opened by the owner’s mother, has a vibe of a home-style Thai eatery. Its unique Chinatown style suits the Chinese preferences better. The owner will also chat with loyal customers on how to improve the dishes. Crispy Water Spinach, a specialty dish of Chiang Mai, is crispy and appetite-raising when dressed with a slightly sour, sweet and spicy sauce. Prawn Curry has been a hot seller for years. Its fragrant and savoury curry sauce, which has a predominant coconut milk aroma, is a wonderful match for rice. Fish Maw Thick Soup in Chinatown Style, of which the preparation method is more in the Chinese style, has a luscious flavour with no spiciness and is a must-order for families of three. The sourly spicy Waterfall Pork Jowl is a Northern Thai specialty. Dressed with khao khua (toasted glutinous rice powder), it is suitable to be served both hot and cold. In the hot summer, there are also special drinks like Butterfly Pea Tea waiting for you!
Food/Drink Recommendations:
Crispy Water Spinach, Prawn Curry, Fish Maw Thick Soup in Chinatown Style, Thai-Style Stir-Fried Venus Clams, Northern Thai-Style Waterfall Pork Jowl, Butterfly Pea Tea, Pattaya Special Drink