Estabelecimento de Comidas Kuan Chai
Shop B, G/F, Edf. Fai Mun Kok, 354 Avenida do Conselheiro Borja, Macao
+853 28220213
Services/Products Provided:
Household dishes
Main Features:
As a dai pai dong, Estabelecimento de Comidas Kuan Chai has been turning its customers into friends throughout its 17 years of business, and is highly favoured by the neighbourhood for enjoying in-season gourmet. With almost 40 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, the owner integrates customers’ preferences into every dish. To ensure quality, the owner selects food ingredients on its own. Also, to reward the neighbourhood, the prices are always guaranteed to be reasonable.
Here, you can find a lot of season-limited items, which are gourmet dishes made to the recipes devised by the owner based on its years of experience of turning the best food ingredients of the season into tasty dishes for every diner.
Food/Drink Recommendations:
Crispy Rice Meatball Duo, Fried Pig Intestine with Classic Chicken Roll, Chaozhou-Style Cold Prawns, Baked Standing Grain Worms, Stir-Fried Lap Mei (Cantonese preserved meat) with Snow Peas and Chinese Celery