Estabelecimento de Comidas Chok Liu
Unit C, G/F, Richlink 188, Avenida de Venceslau de Morais, Macao
+853 28400033
Services/Products Provided:
Japanese cuisine
Main Features:
Estabelecimento de Comidas Chok Liu (hereafter Chok Liu) was opened on 1 December 2019 and has three branches nowadays with ample interior spaces. Comparing to long-established restaurants, Chok Liu offers more choices in Seafood Don (Rice Bowl) and is suitable for family or friend gatherings. Chok Liu creates a feeling like dining in Japan. The Shinto shrine-style exterior and giant Daruma doll make the restaurant a highlight of the street. The first floor, which is themed with cherry blossom and features seafood stalls and izakaya-style seats, reproduces the lively atmosphere of festivals; the second floor, which is themed with bamboo grove in Japanese gardens, has private rooms featuring bamboo grove sceneries.
Chok Liu specializes in hamayaki-style seafood grill and Japanese sake. Hamayaki, a highlight of the restaurant, is a cooking style favoured in Japan. It originates from the way how the inhabitants of coastal Japan grill the freshly landed seafood. The seafood in Chok Liu is transported fresh from Japan every day and kept alive in an ice pool. Customers are allowed to choose their favourite seafood, and the picked live seafood will then be grilled and consumed on-the-spot on a specially made mini grill. Hamayaki allows the original flavour of seafood to be tasted. Apart from seafood from Japan, those from around the world will also be imported for customers.
Wine is a necessary pairing to food, so Japanese sake is another highlight. The restaurant offers a variety of 20 to 30 different sakes. Among them, a number of sake brands are introduced to Macao for the first time. Also, there are Kikisake-shis (Certified Sake Sommeliers) to provide professional suggestions on pairings of sake and dishes so that the authentic Japanese flavour is easily available without the need of being in Japan. Apart from sakes, the restaurant also offers other alcoholic beverages, such as draft beer, highball, red wine and Japanese shochu.
Food/Drink Recommendations:
Grilled Eel Don, Kuruma Prawn and Assorted Tempura, Tsutori Seafood Don, Premium Fish Don, Korayaki