Companhia de Produtos Da China
G/F, 114-116 Rua de Cinco de Outubro
+853 28921532
Services/Products Provided:
Retailer – Supermarket and general merchandise
Main Features:
Realizing the abundance of resources, the fast development of industrial and agricultural production and the low price but high quality of products of China after visiting a trade fair held in Guangzhou in 1952, a group of businesspeople in Macao came up with a plan to set up the China Products & Special Production Co., which consisted of a wholesale department and a retail department specializing in the sale of Chinese products. It was officially established on 1 July of the same year.
In 1970, the company renamed its retail department as China Products Company, which specialized in the retail of various processed products from China, such as art and craft items, clothing, daily products, piece goods, fine alcoholic drinks, canned food…; while China Products & Special Production Co. specialized in the wholesale of staple and non-staple food from China
The company aims to market Chinese products with committed services and to enhance the understanding among the people of Macao of the progress of China’s industrial and agricultural development.
Food/Drink Recommendations:
Specializing in the Mainland of China’s art and craft items, clothing, daily products, piece goods, fine alcoholic drinks and canned food; products of Chinese ethnic minorities, Taiwanese indigenous peoples, Macao’s cultural and creative industry and Portuguese-speaking countries…