Hong Heng Cocos
G/F, 14 Rua da Tercena
+853 28920944
Services/Products Provided:
Coconut products, ice cream
Main Features:
An one-and-only time-honoured shop
Hong Heng Cocos is a local Macao brand which has been passed on for four generations. From coconuts to coconut ice cream, it has not only preserved the taste of traditional handmade coconut ice cream, but also carries the affections of its four generations. Despite the very complex traditional production processes, the insistence on quality and the earnestness enable each bite of ice cream to give your taste buds the taste of the affections of the four generations, the century-old crafts and the true flavour of Macao.
Food/Drink Recommendations:
Coconut shell cooking pots, dried coconut slices, Indian curry, Singaporean and Malaysian coconuts, fresh-squeezed coconut juice, betrothal betel nuts, coconut shreds, wedding coconuts, handmade ice cream