Estabelecimento de Comidas (Sopa De Fitas) A Chi
Unit A, 41 Travessa da Dorna adj to Rua dos Ervanários
+853 28365900
Services/Products Provided:
Restaurant/Eatery – Noodles
Main Features:
Good quality needs no advertising. Good noodles fear no imitators.
A Chi has been operating on street in Macao for almost 30 years and is well-known among the majority of Macao residents. The aromas given off from the soup base and from the making of noodles strikes a chord in the hearts of, in particular, the generation born in the 80s and 90s and stir up their memories. After being recommended by some food media in Hong Kong a few years ago, A Chi even became well-known among visitors from Hong Kong.
A Chi’s two signature noodles are, namely, chu hou sauce braised Brazilian beef brisket noodles and champion pork ribs ramen. The noodles contain generous portions of ingredients. Their soup base is luscious and rich, but does not cause thirst after eating. It is very rare to have a soup base with such quality of ingredients and dedication in its preparation that can be told by tasting it.
Our Japanese pork jowl ramen, which is made with tender and bouncy pork jowl, and our XO-sauce mixed noodles and hot sauce lobster ramen, which cannot be found elsewhere in Macao, are also savoury and tempting.
Some customers do not live nearby, but often make visits by car for the delicacy. A Chi, which is located deep in an alley, offers you a quality worth seeking!
Food/Drink Recommendations:
Homemade noodle soups and mixed noodles (with XO sauce, chicken feet curry, chu hou sauce braised beef brisket, etc.); Japanese ramen (pork ribs, pork cartilage, hell valley seafood)…