Soo's Cozinha
Unit A, G/F, Edf. Fak Loi, 76 Rua da Barca, Macao
2822 1981
Services/Products Provided:
Southeast Asian-style noodle eatery focusing on Vietnamese cuisine
Main Features:
This is a brand with over ten years of history and ten branches, of which eight are opening 24 hours. Serving quality food with economical prices, it has become a “late night eatery” for the community and foreign labours. The signature Pho Bo is one of the must-orders. It features a sweet and refreshing combination of onion shreds and beef, a uniqueness that lies in the soup base, a rich amount of ingredients and a multi-layered texture. Pork Offal Noodle Soup in Phnom Penh Style, another signature, not only features pork offal, but also fish balls and fish cake slices as bonuses. The tasty and inexpensive Prawn Wonton Noodles features fresh whole prawns. Pork Chop in Thai Style features pork chops marinated with powdered lemongrass and lemongrass oil. Lemongrass and pork chops together make a perfect duo. Fried Prawn Wonton, which is served with the sweet and spicy Thai chicken sauce, is aromatic, crispy, savoury but not greasy.
Food/Drink Recommendations:
Pho Bo, Pork Offal Noodle Soup in Phnom Penh Style, Pho Bo with Cooked Beef, Pork Chop in Thai Style, Fried Prawn Wonton