Rest. Dumbo
Unit A G/F and 1/F, Hei Loi Tang Plaza, Rua do Regedor, Taipa
+853 28827888
Services/Products Provided:
Specialty Macanese cuisine, medium-sized gathering
Main Features:
Bolinhos de Bacalhau: A Macanese specialty snack which is a bit like fish balls. Made by deep-frying with mashed potato, codfish and eggs, it is crispy, tasty and a very good appetizer.
Red-Wine-Braised Prime Ribs: Prime ribs from Canada are marinated overnight with various vegetable juices before being slow-cooked for two and a half hours. As an innovative work of sincerity of the restaurant, it is aromatic, tender, refreshing and, more importantly, rich in beef flavour!
Crab Curry: Large crabs weighting over 0.5 kg are selected to stir-fry with Indian curry powder, the most authentic curry.
Sardines: Canned food easily comes to mind when talking about sardines. However, the sardines offered by Dumbo are frozen ones, which give you a taste bud experience absolutely different from canned food.
New Zealand Lamb Fillets: This also needs overnight marinating, but is made by pan-searing, which can better lock the succulent juice.
Traditional Macanese cuisine tends to have strong saltiness and sweetness. Taking the diners’ health and preferences into consideration, the restaurant has revamped the Macanese dishes. Also, Dumbo has large private rooms for you to party and enjoy good food for birthdays, anniversaries and company gatherings!
Food/Drink Recommendations:
Bolinhos de Bacalhau, Red-Wine-Braised Prime Ribs, Crab Curry, ...