Young Entrepreneurs Aid Scheme

To encourage the youth of Macao to explore new options and opportunities other than traditional career tendencies and realise their entrepreneurship aspirations, as well as to inject new impetus into Macao’s economic development, the SAR Government has set up the Young Entrepreneurs Aid Scheme under the Industrial and Commercial Development Fund (FDIC) to provide interest-free assistance to local youth with entrepreneurship aspirations but lacking resources for helping to alleviate their financial pressure during the early stage of their entrepreneurship.

Applications are open to young entrepreneurs of Macao and limited companies that have over 50% of their capital contributed by young entrepreneurs of Macao. Assistance shall be dedicated to the following purpose(s): purchase of equipment needed for the commercial enterprise’s operation; decoration works carried out for the commercial enterprise’s business premises; entering into commercial concession contracts or franchising contracts; acquisition of rights to exclusive use of technology or intellectual property rights; conducting publicity and promotion campaigns; and the commercial enterprise’s working capital. The maximum amount of assistance is MOP300,000.00 (three hundred thousand patacas), with a maximum repayment period of 8 years.

 Please click Administrative Procedures for details of the Scheme.