The Economic and Technological Development Bureau (DSEDT) is a public department of the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) responsible for studying, coordinating and implementing the economic policies and technological development policies of the MSAR.


(1)   To study the economic policies of the MSAR, as well as to propose and implement, within the framework of the policies, measures conducive to moderate economic diversification and fostering the development of industry and commerce;

(2)   To create and enhance a fair business environment;

(3)   To promote the application and development of e-commerce;

(4)   To issue licences for external trade operations, define the quantitative restriction schemes on external trade operations and follow up on the relevant work, as well as issue certificate of origin documents of the MSAR;

(5)   To prepare and coordinate the participation of the MSAR in economic cooperation organizations and forums, as well as to ensure, within the scope of activities of the DSEDT, the fulfilment of commitments undertaken;

(6)   To implement the technological development policies of the MSAR Government and promote the growth and development of the technology industry and the technological innovation sector;

(7)   To coordinate public departments and entities for preparation and implementation of the work relevant to technological innovation and intelligentization;

(8)   To create an environment conducive to the development of the technological innovation sector;

(9)   To participate in the development of major national and regional technology projects;

(10)   To encourage businesses to launch researches or projects pertaining to application of technology, as well as to promote the industrialization and commercialization of research and development results;

(11)   To study and implement intellectual property policies and carry out the relevant work;

(12)   To issue the industrial or non-industrial licences which the DSEDT is by law responsible to issue, as well as to carry out the respective supervision;

(13)   To monitor compliance with the legal requirements of the MSAR regulating the manufacturing processes of products and with other legislation that falls within the responsibilities of the DSEDT;

(14)   To carry out other work mandated by law or instructed by the superior.


Organic Legislation