Listed below are the laws and regulations as well as business licence information promulgated by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSARG”). Please refer to Annex 1 of the “Hong Kong-Macao-CEPA” the specific services commitments by the HKSARG. 

(I) The HKSARG has compiled the “Subject Index to Ordinances” which classifies the Laws of Hong Kong in accordance with their subject matter.  Some subject matters are particularly relevant to business operations, such as Banking & Finance, Business & Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, and Professions, Trade & Occupations, etc.  The “Subject Index to Ordinances” is available at the link below:

(II) The HKSARG provides information on government licences, permits, certificates and approvals relevant to a wide range of business operations in Hong Kong vide the “Business Licence Information Service (BLIS)”.  Through a user-friendly and searchable interface, the public can obtain relevant information classified by different sectors, including different services sectors in Hong Kong.  The “BLIS” is available at the link below:

Some examples of relevant laws and regulations are set out below: