Registration of Topography of Semiconductor Product

Service Overview

Scope of Service

A semiconductor product shall be understood as being the final or intermediate form of any products that, cumulatively, consist of a material body that includes a layer of semiconductor material, that possess one or more layers composed of conductive, insulating or semi-conducting material, the layers being disposed in accordance with a predetermined three-dimensional model. It is also designed to carry out an electronic function either alone or together with other functions. A topography of a semiconductor product is a group of related images, either fixed or codified, represented by the three-dimensional layout of the layers of which the product is composed, and in which each image has the layout or part of the layout of a surface of the same product, in any phase of its manufacture.

Service Target and Eligibility

  1. Applicant who is holding a Macao SAR Resident Identity Card.
  2. Applicant who is a body corporate registered in the Macao SAR and constituted according to the law of the Macao SAR.
  3. Other applicants must appoint one of the following entities as an agent by submitting an effective Power of Attorney:
    1. A lawyer registered with the Macao Lawyers Association;
    2. An individual holding a Macao SAR Resident Identity Card;
    3. A body corporate registered in the Macao SAR.

Service Results 

For application fulfilling the legal requirements, the semiconductor product topography will be registered and registration certificate will be issued.


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